Feb. 27th, 2011

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Note: Since this is the first of what I plan to make a weekly thing I'm going to just have this note here.

I've been working on transcribing the lyrics of Virgil's songs off and on for a while now since I own all their CD releases so I have the lyric booklets for them all. I'm not fluent enough win Japanese to translate the lyrics so I can only offer the original version of the lyrics, the hiragana only version and a romanji version of them.

If you can translate the lyrics feel free to use what I have to do so, just give credit where credit is due. Also please don't copy and paste to repost these lyrics elsewhere without asking and giving credit first. I typically won't turn a request down but as I'm hardly fluent in the language it does take me some time to do this, especially when the print is hard to read because of the colors of the booklet.

Also I am making these posts once a week because I don't want to have this community look like it's dead. As well as the fact that trying to keep a schedule like this should help motivate me into finishing transcribing the rest.

With that all out of the way here's the first lyric transcription I have to share.

Around the world

Words: Roa
Music: Virgil

From: Shock Edge 2009 album (compilation album of several viskei bands)

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